My art Work part two

Oil paintings.

I always saw my self as more of a photographer then anything else. Mainly a black and white nature photographer. Photography has long been a great passion of mine, however, when I was told back in 1994 that the strength of the lens needed to correct for my astigmatism causes distortion making it impossible for my vision to be corrected to 20/20 with lenses any more I gave up on doing that in any serious fashion ( can't focus a camera if you can't focus your eyes). I have seance spent some time looking for a medium that I could be at lest nearly as passionate about that wouldn't require perfect vision. I actually think that I may have found it with the oil painting. Of course, that could just be the novelty of a new thing that might wear off after time. We shall see.

***Water Falls(11x14) painted september 2001. -> This is the first thing I painted. I had this image in my head and realized that I couldn't really create it with pastels so I went ahead and bought the paint.

***Free Spirits (11x14) painted september 2001. -> Birds to me have always been free. That is always what they symbolize to me.

9-11(16x20) painted September 11 2001 -> I started painting something that was going to be light a happy. Something my father would like. I set up the back ground before getting the children around to go to town. The TV had been on PBS all morning. I got into the car and there it was on the radio. I came home and turned the radio on and painted this W/O ever seeing the footage of the attack. I wrote down a poem that came to me in the car after I finished the painting. See poem

Eden (16x20) painted september 15 2001. -> I painted this for my father. He is not really comfortable with dark broody art work. He prefers light cheery stuff. Pictures of places that look like good fishing spots. This is indeed a touch religiously inspired as per the title.

Anger erupting (11x14) painted september 2001 -> This used to be a pleasant mountain sunset, with nice white puffy clouds. My son got into my room grabbed paint brushes and added a few touches of his own. I was not going to be able to recreate the sunset and pleasant feel with out letting the entire thing dry and painting over it. As I don't really paint smooth surfaced peaces I just adjusted the scene.

?Chaos revisited? (11x14) September 2001 -> Technically this one is untitled but I've been thinking of calling it chaos, or chaos revealed or something along those lines. Any suggestions?

Floating Gardens (11x14) october 2001 -> I really like this one. The film actually picks up more details then the eye does under certain light.

The next group of pictures are a bit washed out. I will substitute better ones later.

***T-max and Chrome( 2 - 10x20, 1 - 16x20) october 2001 -> My tribute to my photography. Hence the title. T-max is the top B&W film and Chrome is the most common word in various color films.

***Dark Tower ( 16x20) october 31 2001-> This one is really neat. I think that it would be perfect for the tower card in a tarot deck.

***SanGriele ( 16X20) october 2001 -> Yes, this is also religiously inspired. Even though I lean towards the Sang Riele translation of the legend I think the imagery that the traditional translation conveys is really cool. Also, would make a great ace of cups.

***Early thaw (11x14) october 1 2001 -> Every one says this is bleak. I think of it as hopeful. This would be my three of wands.

***Night Falls(16x20) october 15 2001

***Death(11x14) painted november 3 2001 -> Title says it all. Yes, this is for the tarot.

***Dark Shade (11x14) November 6 2001 -> With death drying on the shelf staring at me I couldn't get the phantom image out of my mind

Oasis (8x10) november 14 2001 ->Its one of my few bright cheery peaces. Ace of wands perhaps? At lest unless I fo one I like better for that.

Desert Crossing (8x10) november 10 2001 -> this is bleak Okay for the four of wands.

***Drifting Isles(11x14) November 19 2001 -> I sorta like this one, Its darkly pleasant. I find it a touch meditative.

Magi(12x16) November 2001 -> Okay I admit it this figure did sorta get stuck in my head. This is my Magician card.

Night sea(12x16) November 2001 -> What do you think? This is also a contender for ace of wands.

Fey Spirit (8x10) November 2001 -> Not happy not happy not happy. Did not turn out right. Haven't even signed the darn thing. Its just not right.

World View (12x16) November 2001 -> Well, if you cant tell what this one is, Then I'm no telling either. This is my five of circles.

I do not yet have photos of these paintings

***Mountains Morning ((16x20) November 2001 -> Sad. The last one I painted that could go to Demi Con.

Serpent Mount. (16x20) December 2001-> The snake face was going to be a land mass but the way the brown blended with the background reminded me too much of a snakes head. I like Snakes BTW. This one would be good for the star.

Lotus Blossoms (16x20) December 2001 -> Freaky isn't it?

Abandoned Fortress (16x20) December 2001 -> I'm not sure I like this one very much.

***Tears & Desperation (16x20) December 2001 -> I could tell you what inspired this one but its not really anyone's business. Its basically personal and has a lot to do with the harm lies can do - even from the mouths of people who believe that they mean well. Personally, I do not lie. I do not appreciate lies. Do not believe there are any harmless lies. Do not generally associate with people I know have lied, particularly to me - With the notable exception of family which one actually has to associate with even if one does not like it.

***Changing Directions (4 - 6x8) December 2001 -> Put them together just about any way you like, if there in a 12x16 block they make a compasses. Several different looking compass's, but compasses still.

*** Transitions in Rain (2 - 8x16 & 1 16x20) December 2001 -> My X-mass, painting. The one I was doing over the Christmas holiday.

I'll add future paintings as I do them.

Paintings that are actually done on canvas stretched on a wood frame are marked with ***, all others are on canvass stretched on cardboard. (Hay, its cheaper by a lot)

My preferred mediums in the past have been pastels and oil pastels. Considering the frightfully dangerous nature of the fixatives used for those ( Nothing like having to use a compound with the warning "Excessive exposure may cause permanent brain &/or nerve damage) I've put them aside for now. However, there is one peace I would like to mention. An oil pastel I gave to a friend back in December of 1993 ( I do not have a photo of it, nor am I likely to ever have one) called Introspection's. It is the most complex peace I've ever done.