My Family
Pictures from May 2, 2001 I am working on updateing them hopefully soon - FYI, clicking on the photos will get you a birth chart. clicking on the birth chart will get you more stuff.

This is me. A lousy picture. My ex- husband has difficulty understanding instructions some times. I sead, "just click the button" . He adjusted the focus. That and the lighting sucks. Table Lamps do not make good substitutes for studio lights.

Born 01-26-1973

This picture, along with the others are several months out of date. I really need to update them. He has given up the pacifier seance this was taken.

Born 01-14-1998

This is my babe girl who is standing and walking with help.

Born 03-03-2000

Kristal Rose Crabtree

Born 02-09-2001

She's the best babe I've had. I've heard of a thing called "colic" but have yet to experience it.

Looky, I got a nice new digital camera for my web zone.