Keirsly Personality index.

I've taken this test several times while it was still entirely free. (this on was actually developed by psychologists). It says (every time) that I am what was refereed to as a Chancellor type. INFJ. That is I'm (I) an introvert. I'm (N) intuitive, I am (F) Feeling and I am (J) Judging. The info provided by the sight were I took the test indicated that INFJ's are very rare (about 2% on the population) and are supposedly the personality type that is best suited to careers like therapist, councilor etc. etc. etc. It also indicated that INFJ's were the most likely to be psychically gifted. Personally I've often wondered if this doesn't just belong in a circular file.

Most of the tests I've seen on line are garbage. Some of them are scenario/analogy tests. For them to give you any sort of insight into who you are you have to have absolutely no experience with the given scenario. When you are verbally guided threw a scenario your mind fist asks itself "Have I done this before?" If it answers yes its going to review past experience for the answers. It will then put into your thoughts the most likely response based on what it knows. For examples.

A walk in the woods scenario

I have frequently walked in the woods. There was a wooded ravine behind our house (in town). I went hiking in those woods almost daily by myself. Occasionally with my brother. Also, my family would go hiking in the woods at a state park regularly. In the Ravine there is (and was) a breeding pair of Greater Horned Owls. I would come across one or the other rather often. More then half the time when I have encountered something in the woods it has been an owl. Other birds of prey come in second for frequency and other animals make up the last little bit.

        1. You are walking in the wood. Who is with you? My answer would be no one. I generally walk in the woods alone and my children are currently way too young to be hiking in the woods. I would not risk one of them getting hurt. While the question is supposed to reflect who is your most important person I am not my most important person. In fact, I don't have a single most important person. MY children are the most important people in my life and none of them is more important then any of the others to me. This answer simply reflects my personal experience.

        2. You encounter an animal while you are walking, What is it? I would automatically say that it is an owl of some sort, probably a Greater Horned Owl. I always seem to encounter owls. This is supposed to reflect how one views their problems. My answer of an owl is not a refection of how large/manageable I think my problems are. It is a refection of the fact that I encounter a lot of owls. -b. What do you do? I watch it. I always watch the animals I encounter.

        3. You come across a house Describe it. I would describe a vacation/hunting cabin. Small with few rooms because I know that's what is most likely to be found in the woods.

        4. The next question has you describe the contents of a table. I would say that the table was empty. My family always eats in the living room and the table is for playing cards and such

        5. An object in the grass What is it? What do you do? I would say some sort of rock. One tends to find rocks when hiking. What I do is pick it up. Could be a geode.

        6. You encounter a body of water, describe it. How do you cross? I would say that it was a stream. That's what I have encountered for bodies of water in the past. I would cross on some rocks or a bridge because I know that a cut or scrape gotten in a stream can become dangerously infected (bare feet are out as such) and I don't like walking around in wet shoes. This is supposed to reflect ones sexuality. How sexual on is and how one approaches sex.