Angeleana Brentwood

Angel Street

"Lost in a night of a thousand dreams - Lost in a day of a thousand screams."

This is Angel's story. How she grew up and became what she is now. This is about what she likes, who she knows and has known. It's about her attitudes. It is her dislikes and her fears. It is about who she realy is, in spite of what she may or may not show other people. It is about the many things she would rather people did not know and the very few things that she does let them find out about. It is about growing up in world you dislike and about finding one you belong in. Its about giving up the things most people desire to find that your dream is still imposible. It is about coming home to a place most want to leave and leaving a place most would want to call home.

Growing up Corperite

Angeleana Brentwood, dauter of William Joseph Brentwood, has never actualy meet her mother, nor has she ever been told who her mother is. It is roumored that her mother was an employe of PetroChem that her fauther was having an afaer with. Wether that is true or not is unknown, it is known that Billy Joe claimed soal cutady in the hospital shortly after her birth and gave her a latin name meaning "of the angels". Angeleana was raised almost intierly by her fauther with a variety of nanies to be an eligant lady and, so he thought, to be an obedient daughter willing to do anything for the advancement of the family. Angeleana was always Billy Joes favorit daughter and his primary heir, much to her brothers chagren.

As far as her brother was concerned Angeleana always got just about every thing she wanter. In actuality the only thing she ever wanted was to be a musician, a vocation strongly discuraged by her fauther. Billy Joe Brentwood has always been determained that he and his family become one of the primary powers in PetroChem, he would do anything to acheve this, including forcing his daughter to marry. After Ellen Trieste marred Angus Youngblood Billy Joe decided that it would be best if his lovely Angeleana marred ether Angus' younger brother Malcome or, should Ellen pass on, Angus himself. A prospect that Angeleana found to be rather distastful. Relieing on the training she receved from PetroChecm security she ran away to the street. She did not leave a note however as she feared that it would be found befor she left the corperate sector. Because of this, and a young punk's atempt to make some easy cash, it is beleaved that she is beingt held by a rival of some sort.

Life on the street

Finding herself on the street for the first time and laking axcess to funds Angeleana meet Johnathin and the Philharmonics. Her talint and abilities at writing and playing the gutare, not to mention superb voice, gained her exceptance. It was Johnathan who fine tuned the abilities she gained from PetroChem securaty and shortined her name to Angel Street. She soon realized that there was no way she could have a real musical career as she would be recognized by her fauther and others who knew her true identity. Because of this Angel started a career as a solo, refusing to work for corperates.

It was during one of her early jobs that she first incountered Razin Halav. Halav had hired her based on her growing reputation to do a job for him in his small central american country. Apon her arival however he developed other plains for her based more on her aperince. Angels's refusal to play a part in his expresions of his sexual desiers infuriated him. He quikly informed his personal troups that she was not to leave - alive. Angel did mange to get back to Night City with her life but was never payed for the job she did. While Halav wants her returned to him or her death proven she would like to take her payment out of his hide. It was during this that her mother was killed in an unusual axcedent, unbeknownst to her.


Ellian Trieste

"An old woman who lives on the net, probly doesn't exsite elsewere anymore. Wouldn't that just be a killer?"

Angus Youngblood

"Like any other corperate, he'd make a better corpse."

Malcolm Youngblood

"The man is a regular sleeze. You know the saying, Beauty is only skin deap? Well I don't think his goes that far in."

William Joseph Brentwood

"Watch him. I would say that he is a snake, but that gives snakes a bad name. He would sell out his own mother if it would get him what he wants. Probly already has."


int [10] ref[10] tech[5] cool[10] attr[09] luck[09] ma[10] body[8] emp[9/7] run[50] leap[2.5] lift [450] save 8 btm \3


charismatic leadership[5];combat sense[7];family[2]; wardrobe and style[2];streetwise[4]; seduction[3];persuasion & fast talk[2];perform[2];awareness/notice[3];composition[2]; athletics[3];brawling[3]; handgun[4];martial art(karate[4];melee[2]; stealth[2]; sub-machinegun[2]; play insterment(guatar)[3]


left cyber eye with infra red and ultraviolet

Right cyber eye with infra red, ultraviolet and target scope.


cloths-what works; hair - long and wavy; affections - like children/hates corpites; ethnicity - caucasion; languige - english


traites- calm/colected; Valued person - Jim Morison/the Doors; value most - honor; about people - little; valued posesion - gutar.