The Darkness Within

Keeper of the Land

Caern of Horrors

A tall heavy set man who is absolutely bald. He has dark piercing brown eyes and sharp cruel features. He wears loose fitting clothing that never seems to hang properly and walks with a slow deliberate gait. His lupine form is of a large canine on indeterminate breed and specs. Its ears are flee bitten and coat scraggly and mattered with all manor of filth. His Cronos form is strangely disturbing. More reminiscent of a satyr then a werewolf. He's feet are hooves and he sports two very pronounced nearly goat like horns on the top of his head.

The Darkness Within

breed metis Auspice galliard tribe BSD

Attributes - strength 4; dex 2; stamina 3; charisma 1; man 2; appearance 1; perception 4; intellect 5; wits 4

Abilities - alertness 4; athletics 3; blind action 4; brawl 3; dodge 3; hunting 2; intimidation silent 4; search 3; streetwise 3; tracking 4; acrobatics 3; camouflage 2; disguise 2; firearms 3; kailindo 3; melee 3; repair 4; stealth 4; survival 3;computer 3; faerie lore 3; history 3; investigation 4; occult 2; poisons 2

Rage 9; gnosis 3; will 4

metis disfigurements Hooves and Horns

Mentor 3;

low self image; nightmares

Within is the fraternal twin of Without. The two of them were the first born progeny of Margaret and the now deceased Dances in Darkness. Within is a darkly broody individual who often prefers to run in his lupine form. He fears little, except his sister. Raised in the hive as one of the first metis cubs he and his sister often received preferred treatment from their father who was normally cold and cruel to most of the youngsters associated with the group. Within rarely talks and can be seen wandering about town on Halloween in his natural cronos state, usually with a jacket on. Once an easy going and articulate child his encounter with the worm left him severely shaken. He has not spoken in a complete sentience since that day, at lest not a coherent one. When forced to respond to questions he keep his answers to one of two syllables. Yes, no, I'll see, not yet, now and similar. If he can get away with it he will respond with little more then a nod or shrugged. He often goes hunting with his sister.