The Darkness Without

Gate Keeper

Caern of Horrors

A darkly attractive woman with a cold smile and well defined figure. Her raven hair is typically pleated down the back into a fairly elaborate braid. He born eyes are piercingly cold and calculating. She dresses very nicely, in fine clothing that is seductively revealing. Her lupine form is of a black dog with white streaks running threw its coat. Its fur is glossy and well kept. Her Cronos form is large with a single horn spiraling from her forehead.

The Darkness Without

breed metis Auspice galliard tribe BSD

Attributes - strength 2; dex 4; stamina 3; charisma 3; man 2; appearance 3; perception 4; intellect 5; wits 4

abilities - acting 4; alertness 3; diplomacy 4; expression 4; intimidation subtle 4; mimicry 3; sensuality 4; streetwise 3; animal kin 3; drive 2; escape 3; firearms 3; kailindo 3; leadership 4; lock picking 3; performance 3; stealth 2; computer 2; enigmas 3; occult 3; poisons 3;politics 4;wyrm lore 3

rage 4; gnosis 4; will 10

metis disfigurment - horns

over confident; fair glabro; lack of scent

Without used to be a fairly quiet and studios as a child. She retunered from her encounter with the wyrm she was vibrant and enlivened. She had become extremely manic. She has not sleep more then two hours a night since that happened. Once one to blend into the background she has become extremely out going and loves to prowl the clubs and bars in the area at night. Her and her brother are frequently seen together and regularly calculate various plots and ploys together. Without is invariable the motivater in any thing the two of them begin. She is strong willed and has absolute control over her brother. She also has several others within he pockets.