Master Of the Rite

Caern of Destruction

An almost sickly old asian woman with pail red eyes and long mattered stringy white hair. Her body seems shriveled and brittle. She looks almost like the old Halloween stereotypic witch. She walks with a cane and never seems to smile. Her features are at best sharp and cruel. This is the woman that children cross the street to avoid. She is dressed in bland gray robes and for all appearances she runs an occult shop just a block or two from the square. Her lupin form is that of a lame white dog with a scraggly coat.

Death comes to Swiftly

Breed Metis Auspice Theurge Tribe black spiral dancers.

Attributes - strength 2; dex 3; stamina 3; charisma 3; man 1; app 2; per 3; int 4; wits 3

abilities - acting 3; alertness 4; athletics 3; blind action 4; brawl 3; dodge 4; expression 2; intimidation 5; primal-urge 2; streetwise 3;subterfuge 4; tracking 4; acrobatics 3; camouflage 3; disguise 4; fast draw 4; kailindo 4; leadership 4; melee 3; stealth 4; survival 3; enigmas 3; faerie lore 2; garou lore 3; herbalism 4; kindred lore 3; linguistics 4; mage lore 3; occult 4; poisons 3; rituals 5; spirit lore 2; tribal lore 3; umbral lore 4; wyrm lore 5

rage 4; gnosis 9; Will 8

rites 5; contacts 3

Death Comes was born in china and speaks several languages. Neither as old nor as frail as she seems Death's cane is in all actuality a concealed sword which she brandishes with lethal force. Death is well versed in the arts of acupuncture and accupressure, which she uses to effectively produce any degree of pain. Death has been known to torture a prisoner to death with out leaving any marks what so ever. Death is calm and relaxed at all times and is often seen meditating in her rooms. Slow to anger she is never seen to be in what anyone might call a true rage, no matter how violent and viscous she becomes her actions are all carried out in such a calm and meticulous way as to make those in observance know that they are well thought out and executed. The most disturbing aspect of her actions is that it is only when she inflicts pain on a subject that she ever seem to be happy, actually smiling at the sound of their screams.