I was born to very loving parents. My fauther owned several apartment complexesis in New York, New York and lived on the out skirts of the town in a very nice suburb. My memories of that time whill good are over cast by what happened on a cold november day whin I was six. I remeber that someone came pounding on the door and my fauthers loud voice. My mother was frightened and made me hide in the closit. I dont actualy remember the rest. But I know from the reports that who ever it was attacked and killed my parents. Even though I saw every thing I have blocked it from my memories. The night mares haunt me still. After that I went to live with my grandmother on her small country estate. It was nice, I learned to ride and got along okay in school. Even though I had to see a therapist once a week. Global Object - GO I enjoyed being with my grandmother. She was very understanding and never forced me to become involved in anything If i didnt want to. Unfortunatly she was farly old and one day whin I was 13 I came home to find her on the floor in the kitchin after she had a stroke. I called 911 and waited. I did a lot of waiting. I waited for the abalance. I waited for news. I waited for my aunt from chicago to arrive. I waited for my grandmother to wake up. Only she never did. She lay in a bed for another year befor she died, but she never woke up. I went to live with my aunt after that. I didnt much like the school I went to there. Most of the other children acted as if I should be some sort of tuff guy. I ended up in a lot of fights. The teachers blamed it on things that happened in the past. Blamed the fights on me. It didnt mater how oftain I tried to tell them that the others started it, they never listened. I dont think the therapist ever listened ether. Thats why I quit going whin I started coladge. I studied severle things. While I was on a general degree I power loaded the coarses. Its not like I sleep all that much. I know what waits from me whin I go to bed. Its hard to sleep whin one has nightmares about ones parents murder. I dislike chicago and have no intention at this time to return to new york, I think I'll go someplace were no one know me. Someplace just a little difrint. Just as long as I dont have to talk to another head shrinker.