Caern Of The Hidden.

Moon Spirals.

"For they have gazed into the face of the wyrm and survived"

Caern Topography: The Caern of the hidden is comprised of a natural prairie and wetlands preserve with a large manmade lake at its center located in the midwest along with some of the surrounding farmland. It is located as close to the center of the continent of North America..

Tribal Structure: Moon spirals instinctively gravitate towards the caern after escaping from the black spiral tribes they were ether captured by or born into often following a spiraled pattern of travail. The tribe itself has slowly been taking over the surrounding area by purchasing any local farms that come up for sell and moving into the local town. To outsiders it looks like the typical midwestern community filled were every one knows everyone else. The towns folk are not prone to encouraging strangers to stay around. All of the people working at the reserve are part of the caern structure.

Caern Statistics

Level: 6

Gauntlet: 1

Type: Wyld

Master of Rites: Alisa Moon Singer

Gate Keeper: Nite Shadow

Keeper of the Land: Quin Bear Slayer

Master of challenge: Spiral Slayer