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Jessica Mathery




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Ghost in the Machine


Jessica is slender with long black hair that is usually fairly wild and staticy. Her skin tone is a light yellowish tan that often takes on a pasty tone when she hasn't been eating properly.. She constantly wares sunglasses - some times layered, a pair of polarized glasses w. clip on glasses and a sheeting of polarized film just behind the main pair. Jessica was born with only one leg ( the left ) but has been working on making herself a new one. She tends to ware a t-shirt over shorts or a denim skirt. Her appearance suggests a terminal case of static electricity. Beneath the sun glasses her eyes are solid orbs of a shimmery black so even if you catch her with out them on you still can't tell if she is looking at you or not. Her wheel chair is motorized.


Dana Mathery was a chemist. She was working on a new drug for a pharmaceutical company when she became pregnant and while she carried. The chemical caused sever mutations to occur in her unborn daughter Jessica. That Jessica suffered mutation was clear from the moment she was born. While ultrasounds showed her physical deformity ( the missing leg ) no one was entirely prepared for the extent of the changes to her system or the unusual structure and appearance of her eyes. %r%Jessica was very sickly as a child, prone to illness. She would become lethargic, exhibit seizes, a chest infection, and develop soars that would become infected. The doctors would treat her with anti-biotic and a prescription cough remedy and she would improve. This cycle continued for several years during which her growth was slow and erratic. The doctors ran test after test and while they found that the enzymes in her system differed dramatically from normal and were not working they way they should the doctors couldn't figure out exactly why.%r%Jessica spent most of her time on a computer and demonstrated an unusually high intellect for her age. Around the time of her fifth birthday she stumbled into a US military computer system were she found files on top secret weapons development. While reading a file on the development of a low powered laser beam gun she noticed a couple of mathematical errors. Trying to help she added notations to the file correcting the mistakes with her home phone number and address so that they could contact her if they had any questions.%r% It was nearly a month later when government officials showed up at the door heavily armed looking for the person who had so easily hacked into their system. Dana was shocked when they came bursting into her home with guns pointed at her demanding to know how and why she was tampering with top secret military files. Jessica was in one of her sick spells at the time and Dana refused to go any were with out her . Everyone was shocked when Jessica woke up and admitted that she had altered the file or as she put it "Fixed the problem with their light gun". The MP's brought both Jessica and her mother in for questioning. It did not take too much to learn that while Dana was a very intelligent woman she did not have the background to have made the corrections it the file.%r% On the other hand Jessica was very cooperative and quite eager to explain the corrections she had made and even showed them a few more that she had not gotten too because "She had to go to bed before she finished and didn't get back to it". When they asked her how she had accessed the file in the first place she explained that she had just found it. They asked her repeatedly how she had bypassed the security on the system. Jessica found the question very flustering because they couldn't seem to understand her. Being five she just figured that everyone was like her - or at lest that there were more like her and thought that "I went in and found it" was a perfectly understandable answered. After several hours of this with her being particularly ill she finally just showed them how.%r% No one was expecting to see what she showed them. They brought in a laptop and set it on her lap and watched in amazement as the computer seemed to turn itself on. Windows began popping open and closed. Pass codes were bypassed as if they didn't even exist and before anyone could process what was happening the file in question was open on the computer and Jessica'c hands had never once moved from her sides. The militaries reaction was to order Jessica transferred to an "undisclosed location" with her mother. Dana was employed as a chemist and put to work for the government on what ever projects they had need of at the time so that she could stay with her daughter who's existence was deemed classified%r%Jessica was allowed to study what ever subjects she found interesting while her abilities were studied. While she was allowed to study anything and given her own privet lab to play around in She realized early on that she was not only a prisoner in all but name, she was a lab rat and the government was not going to let her go. At first the situation did not bother her, she had always been a prisoner in her body do to the constant fight with illness and her physical defect. By the time she was seven the military scientists had figured out what they problem was with her bodies enzymes - they needed a vital catalyst that her body couldn't make and clearly was not a part of her diet. It took them only a few more months to discover exactly what that catalyst was. The ironic thing about it was that the missing "nutrient" turned out to be something readily available, some thing that was actually found in one of the medicines that her doctors had been prescribing for her when ever she became sick. It was something that would normally never be considered as part of a child diet. The catalyst that her bodies enzymes needed was grain alcohol. While the doctors had found the solution to her medical condition it was to late for her system to fully recover from the years of deficiency. Her muscular system remained severely under developed.%r%Jessica was okay with the situation until her mother developed a cancerous brain tumor that turned out to be inoperable. That combined with a new found heath resulting from her own nutritional needs being met would result in a sense of restlessness. Jessica was 11 the first time she tried to escape from the military facility. While the attempt failed she did start to learn the layout of the facility as well as the types of security devices used. During this time she started to develop additional mental abilities. After her mothers death she was able to use her new gifts and knowledge to escape from the compound. Dana was never married and never told Jessica about her father - much less who her father was.


A geniuses with eidetic memory:Cyber-psi ( mentally able to interface w. & control computers of any sort ): wide band Psychokinesses: short range teliportation: Full spectrum vision ( sees everything in the EM spectrum )


Sever muscle weakness: only one leg: Has to be near a computer to control it and it uses her entire focus: She cant teliport more then a few yards at a time: She cant control her vision/its always on: Her metabolism requires grain alcohol ( i.e. liqueur ) as a catalyst and she becomes extremely ill w/o it as well as weakening her abilities - starting with the teliportation and ending with the cyber-psi.


She is a Teen genius who has spent most of her life captive in a military facility. She is inclined to be sardonic, sarcastic and impudent. She will occasionally quote old song lyrics and act cagey - particularly in situations were she isn't the one in control of things. She knows little to nothing about pop culture. Has never attended a "real" school or even spent any time with people her own age. So while she has the equivalent knowledge of a masters in several areas, she isn't likely to understand slang or recognize anything that currently is in.


While she was a captive her resources were unlimited, once she escaped her resources became limited to what she could obtain on her own using her abilities with out attracting notice.


Physics, chemistry, astro-physics, bio-chemistry,genetics, lock picking, biology, rock lyrics ( 80's,70's,60's ), guitar, history, security systems

Cyber-psi, telekinesis, auto-teleport, exo-teliport, pyrokinesis