John False Heart

Gate Keeper

Caern of Horrors

A short charismatic young man. He has long pail hair that is pulled back into a pony. His pail blue eyes sparkle with a dark mischief. His long slender hands look bony and the thinness of his seemingly frail frame betrays the strength within. He wears a long trench coat that covers a torn tea shirt and ripped pants.

John False Heart

Breed Homid Auspice Ragabash Tribe BSD

Attributes - acting 4; alert 3; expression 3; subterfuge 4; streetwise 3; camouflage 3; climb 2; disguise 3; drive 2; firearms 3; kailindo 3; lock picking 4; melee 3; performance 2; pickpocket 3; stealth 3; computer 2; enigmas 3; linguistics 2; wyrm lore 2

Rage 4; gnosis 2; will 8

mentor 5


John was born into the caern of horrors. One of the few cubs in the hive that is not actually a metis or abduction. John was raised by the hive and has been witness to great horrors long Before his first change. Unfortunately he was already very insane and quite sadistic long Before that happened. He took the position of gate keeper by challenging and killing the previous gate keeper. He absolutely adores Margaret and would do anything for her. She is like a grandmother and always treated him and the other cubs decently. John rarely leaves the area of the caern and can be seen ether leading tours or tagging along as a tourist.