Margaret "Betrayer" Van Burg

Keeper of the Rite

Caern of Horrors

In her youth she was a very attractive woman, but nowadays her years are showing fairly visibly. Osteoporosis has twisted her back into a hunch and made her bones brittle. Her features have shriveled into a mask of wrinkles. He body sags and she walks slowly and with a pronounced limp. Her blue eyes are hidden behind thick glasses and her hair has gone entirely white. She still dresses in the same clothing of her youth.

Margaret "Betrayer" Van Burg

Breed homid Auspice Theurge Tribe BSD

attributes - acting 3; expression 4; instruction 4; intimidation 3; subterfuge 4; drive 3; escape 3; ettiquette 3; firearms 3; leadership 4; performance 4; survival 3; computer 3; enigmas 4; history 4; investigation 3; linguistics 3; occult 3; poisons 3; politics 4; rituals 5; wyrm lore 4

rage 3; gnosis 8; will 5

rites 4; kinfolk 3

long lived

Margaret was once part of a proud line. When the Natzy party gained power in Germany her family was there supporting them ever step of the way. She personally enlisted. Rising threw the ranks she eventually found herself stationed at Ashawhich in charge of the women's barracks. One day a charming young man approached her and promised her statues and power beyond all imagining, all she had to do was help him open a caern. Not realizing that the Gentleman was a member of a BSD pack she agreed. Late one evening with the furnaces going non stop the right began. It never occurred to her that what she and the others were doing was wrong and as the rite progressed the new BSD caern was open. Before she realized what had happened she was already integrated into the hive. Nowadays she invests time and resources into spreading the myth that the Holocaust never actually happened. That the story was manufactured by the Jews to attack the German people and bring down the Natzy party.