Myra Dark Star

A tall slender woman with long raven black hair. Her bangs hide a third eye in cronos it is nearly undetectable in her human form appearing as a patch of rosasia. She dresses in aboriginal garb and face paint. Her skin is disturbingly pail. Her eyes are a warm pail blue. Her wolf form is black with white streaks running threw the fur.


Breed Metis Auspice Theurge Tribe Moon Spirals

Attributes: Str. 2, dex 3, sta 3; Cher 4 leadership, man 2, app 2; per 3, int 4 lures, wits 3.

Abilities: act 2, alert 1, dip 3, dodge 2, exp 4 argument, Inst 3; lead 4 rituals, perf 3, surv 2; enig 4 dream interpritation, Faelor 4 , Garou lore 3, herb 4 healing, investigation 3, kindred lore 2, ling. 1 aboriginal, rituals 5 caern, Spirit lore 3, Tribal lore 4, umbral lore 3, Wyrm lore 5 bsd.

Glory 8 honor 7 Wisdom 9

Rage 4 Gnosis 10 Will 6

Merits: share ability*, Immune to Wyrm emissions,

Metis disfigurement: Third eye.

Flaws: shy, mark of the predator.

Rank 5

One of a pair of identical twin sisters who work as a single unit. They seem able to share everything. Thoughts and abilities. They move and talk as a single unit. It almost eerie. Together as a unit they are more dangerous then any Ahroun could hope to be. Separated they are no different that anyone else. It is only when they are near each other that they function so sinsyncly. Their mother actually spent about 10-11 days in labor before dying as a result. Myra was the first born of the pair, delivered quickly on the first day. alone she is fairly demure. Soft spoken she has a strong mystical quality about her that draws you in. Myra is very knowledgeable about the wyrm, spirits and a great many other things. She is very studious and, unless in the presence's of her sister, tends to stay towards the background.

RP:Hints. Play up shyness when she is a alone. Make the personality change in her sisters presence noticeable. It is Lilians personality that is dominant when the two are together. Myra is very present out side of her sisters presence's and lacks the near mythical strength the pair show when together.