John Newsong

Keeper of the Lands

His homid form is a large aborigine in full face paint. His hair is grown out into medusa like dreadlocks. His teach are nearly perfect and absolutely white. There is nearly always a smile on his face, brewery if it disappears. He nearly always is wearing a pair of knee length cutoffs and rarely wears shoes. His lupine form is one of the reasons their has been a sudden increase in reported sighting of the Tasmanian wolf.

John Newsong

Breed Homid Auspice Ragabash Tribe Bunyip

Attributes - str 2 dex 3 sta 3; cha 1 man 3 app 2; per 3 int 4 wits 3

Abilities - act 3; alert 3; brawl 2; diplomacy 2; dodge 3; hunt outback 4;instruction 3; primal 2; search outback 4; sense deception 4; subterfuge 4; swim 3; track 3; ventriloquism 3; acrobatics 2; animal ken 3; camouflage 4; climb 3; escape 2; lock picking 3; melee 3; pickpocket 3;survival 3; scar art 3; enigmas 3; occult 3

rage 4; Gnosis 5; Will 8

contacts 3; kinfolk 3

One of the last of a tribe believed to be long gone Newsong was born in the outback. When he under went the first change he swore that he would be the protector of his people. When Smith showed up in the out back with a couple of his compatriots Newsong made certain that it was he that they were tracking. Over the course of several days he had eliminated all but Smith from the hunting party. It was then that Newsong allowed himself to be cornered. Unfortunately Newsong made one major mistake. He missed the pack of BSD that had been following the hunt. He and smith were both captured and tied together to a tree next to one of the nastiest bogs one could possibly come by.

The BSD were significantly more interested in Newsong then they were in Smith. After all, there are far fewer Bunyip then Get and the BSD hoped that Newsong might lead them to the rest of the Bunyip that are believed to run in the outback. After all, there have been enough Tasmanian wolf spottings in recent years for one of the locals to purchase a vast amount of lad to be used as a reserve - as soon as he can prove that they still exists. Newsong withstood everything the BSD threw at him and laughed in there faces before loosing consciousness. While Newsong was not conscious and barely alive when the sisters performed there great feat, he has long been amazed at the remarkable transformation that Smith under went.

Newsong's dedication to the cairn is do primarily to the fact that the sisters healed him and in doing so saved his life. In the traditions of his people he has sworn a life bound to them and threw them to the caern which has now become a haven to the Bunyip and any White Howlers who can make their way to it.