Night Brings Terrors Dark

Keeper of the land

Caern of Destruction

A tall thin man with a frighteningly pail complexion. His eyes, deeply sunken into his face, are dark brown and skittish. The dart from one place to another. His stringy black hair is gown out to the base of his back and styled into a pony. He dresses almost entirely in black. A Long black trench coat covers a loose black tea and a pair of baggy black jeans. His hands though rarely in view are covered with a variety of scars and scabs from self infected injuries. He is often seen smoking various noxious compounds from a pipe he caries with him. His lips are thin and nearly white. His lupine form is that of a large and vicious black dog.

Night Brings Terrors Dark

Breed lupus Auspice Ahroun Tribe black spiral dancers.

Attributes - strength 4; dex 3; stamina 4; charisma 1; man 2; app 2; per 4; int 2; wits 4

abilities - alertness 4; blind action 3; brawl 4; dodge 3; hunting 4;intimidation 4; primal-urge 4; scrounge 3;search 3; streetwise 3; tracking 4; kailindo 4; melee 3; stealth 4; survival 3; wyrm lore 3

rage 9; gnosis 5; Will 4

rites 2; fetish 3

low self immage

Night brings was born innocently enough into a litter of 10 mongrel puppies in the house hold of a gentile woman who would have keep the entire lot had she been able to afford it. When the puppies got old enough she tried very hard to find good homes for all of them. Little did she realize that the Young man who claimed to be a farmer looking for a pet for his family actually was the owner of a Junk Yard. In order to make the puppy aggressive and viscous he chained the young dog up and began betting on him regularly, periodically with holding food. Night brings was terrified of his owner and his fear only brought about worse abuse. When his first change found him Night Brings was cold and hurt, the man hadn't feed him is several days and had broken Night's right hip and several ribs the night before. Had Night not changed it would have been unlikely that he would have made it threw the night. Having shifted in the dark and his injuries healing as a result, Night went hunting eating the first prey he came across - The man who had been abusing him. As Night Brings was stalking the area around the junk yard he drew the attention of several BSD who befriended him and took him in eventually having him walk the spiral. Night is filed with self loathing as he believes that the man would have treated him well if he had been a better dog and is ashamed that he had eaten his master and as such has taken up the practice of self mutilation. Night continues to crave human flesh and occasionally goes out and slays someone for his dinner. This only adds to his own inner turmoil, which in turn draws him closer to the wyrm and his inner hungers.