Nightmares Challenge

Master of Challenge

Caern of Destruction

A very striking figure. Nightmare has deep dark brown eyes that can easily be described as cruel and cold. He is tall and reasonable heavy set. His skin is darkly bronzed, and covered with a variety of scares. He has jagged white teeth and his hair is cut close to his scalp in a military style. He wears fatigues most of the time . His lupine form is a very large timber wolf.

Nightmares Challenge

Breed Homid; Auspice Ahroun; Tribe BSD

Attributes: Strength 4; dex 2; Stamina 4; Charisma 2; Man 1; Appearance 2; Perception 3; intelligence 3; wits 4

Abilities: alertness 3; athletics 4; Blind action 3; brawl 4; dodge 4; hunting 4; intimidation 4; primal-Urge 3; search 3; streetwise 3; tracking 4; acrobatics 3; camouflage 4; climb 3; drive 2; escape 3; fast draw 3; firearms 4; leadership 2; melee 3; missiles 3; stealth 4; survival 4; linguistics 3

Rage 9; gnosis 1; Will 8

Pure breed 5

Amnesia; Long Lived

Born James Tiberiouse Halsing Nightmares was once a highly respected Garou. At lest as much as a lower ranking Garou gets. When the US entered Vietnam he was quick to volunteer. By his third tour of duty over sees he had already become increasingly insane. One day while tracking Viet-Kong threw the jungle into their village he was captured by a pack of BSD. That day James Halsing became an MIA and Nightmares was born into the BSD pack. He has been running with them ever since and has no actual recollection of anything prior to that. Years later it was his new pack that opened the Caern of destruction. Nightmares is psychotic at best. He has become a serial rapist and murderer and roams the low income areas almost nightly carefully choosing each victim. Normally he stalks the woman for a month or more carefully terrorizing her with threatening notes and words of warning before attacking her. Often he captures his victim and tortures her for days before finally killing her.