Nevel James Smith

Gate Keeper

Nevel is a striking figure. There can be no mistaking him for anything other then a very classic and typical Aryan. His pail blond hair has been allowed to grow out and is styled into a pony tail in the back. His pail blue eyes shine with a strange inner fire. These days few of his past pack mates would recognize him as he is often found sporting aboriginal face pain and tribal garb.

Nevel James Smith

breed Homid; Auspice Philodox; Tribe Get of Fenris

Attributes:str. 3;dex 2;sta 3; Cha 1; man 3; app 2; per 4; int 3; wits 3

abilities: alert 3; athletics 2;brawl 2; dodge 2; intimidation 3; primal 3; scrounge out back 4; search out back 4; street wise 3;swim 2;tracking outback 4;animal ken 3; camouflage 3; drive 2; fire arms 2; melee 3; stealth 3; survival 3; comp. 2; linguistics aboriginal 1

rage 5; gnosis 3; will 8

backgrounds pure breed 5.

There was a time not so long ago the Nevel was the appitamy of his tribe. A true refection of the worse stereotypes. He was once a part of The Swords of Heimdall, a member of the Aryan church and a devotee fanatic of the Aryan nations. A skin head with numerous racist tattoos he often viewed even among his pears to be a dangerous extremists. Nevel would not work with any other tribe, choosing to run exclusively with other Get. In fact he was known to express the view that it was better to run with a female Get then with a man of any to her tribe, as long as she knew her place. But that all changed when he met the Dark Star sisters.

Nevel was captured by the BSD when he was hunting aborigines in the outback, more particularly he was hunting John Newsong. After three days chasing Newsong he had finally caught up with the man and had him cornered, unfortunately He was not the only one who had been hunting at that time and he looked up to find himself and Newsong surrounded. The BSD pack took the two of them back to a remote bog were their caern was located to be their special guests at the feast. Amongst leers and jeers from the BSD it became increasingly evident that they would ether have to walk the spiral with the Packs cubs or end up as the main course after it was done.

Nevel Watched as a pair of mirror twins were drug out of a hut and into a cave. After what seamed like an eternity, but was actually fifteen minutes the two girls, now in their natural Cronos form emerged from the cave in what was a majestic display of combat ability. Nevel watched in abject awe as the sisters commenced to shred the members of the pack they were born into. It was a feat that any group of Get would have been intensely proud of. After the blood bath the two sisters threw the bodies into the bog while they sang in unison a Flitting and strangely uplifting song in aborigine. As Nevel Watched the waters in the bog slowly began to clear. The pure waters spreading out from were the bodies sank into the bleak mire.

It was as he observed the power and purity of the sisters, who he realized had faced the worm itself, that his world view began to change dramatically. He realized that if these two Metis Women born directly to the BSD could be such parragrim of perfection as to be incorruptible. That every thing he had once believed about The other races, other tribes and women were most likely wrong. It stuck him that he could only hope to ever be anything close to a match for ether of these women. As he watched the valiant acts of the Dark Star sisters his fanaticism redirected itself on to them. He would die for them. He would bear his thought to ether of them. He submits to them. But he submits only to them and strongly believe that all self respecting Garou should.

Quote: "Bear your thought to the sisters you fool, Can you not tell when you are in the presence's of your betters?"