Sher-clav looks like a typical Feline pleasher bio-mode, A top notch custum job like you oftain see on the strip. There is only one real problem, She is anything but. She is not a bio-mode of any sort at all. She is feline, in every sense of the word right down to a molecular level. Infact, all her ancesters were esentualy feline. Actualy, none of her ancesters ever layed a foot, or paw on this planit. She is a feline from space. An alian who was lucky enufe to land on the planit at a time when cosmetic surgery had advanced to such a point that people could make themselves look like just about anything. A few decades earlier she would have been in truble. Stood out like a sore thumb. Now, the only thing anyone is likely to find unusual is her lack of squemishness when it comes to certain types of meat. To her meat is meat. Because she is like her ancesters befor her a select carnivor she can ill afourd to refuse to eat an animal just because others view it as unapitizing. While a quik learner, she does have some dificulties with human languige and probly always will, after all, there are some substantial difrinces between her teath and ours.

There is one unique ethnic cultural efectation of her specific people that is not a stedfast of her speaces. A small patch of very stiff, strong hair that grows from the side of her head. This hair is actualy a dramaticly difrint color then the rest of her hair and None of her people ever cut it during life. They do, however teach there children how to use it as a whip for defense and attack. She tends to style her braid farly elaberately, however an onlooker might beleave that it is just a head dreasing of some sorts like a hat or a comb. She would react very poorly to anyone segesting that it be trimed, and even worse to someone trying to cut it.