Gate Keeper

Caern of Destruction

Sings is a small asian woman who's long black hair is warn up in a traditional pleated bun like style. The long bone pins that hold her hair in place seem to form an X across the back of her head. Her brown eyes are cold and almost lifeless as if she has never really known joy. She moves with a remarkable grace and an almost frightening speed when she choices to. She is usually seen wearing american style clothing, a tea shirt and jeans but can occasionally be seen in a full regal kimono ensemble and kibukie makeup.

Sings with Sorrows Pain

Chi balance: Yin; Direction: South; Dharma: The Song of the Shadow; P'O Archetype: The Demon; Discipline: Black Wind 2, demon Shintai 3

Backgrounds: rites 4

Attributes: Strength 4; dex 3; stamina 6; Charisma 3; man 2; Appearance 5; Perception 4; intelligence 3; wits 4

Abilities: acting 5; alert 3; diplomacy 4; dodge 3; expression 3; instruction 4; mimicry 3; sensuality 3; subterfuge 3; acrobatics 3; disguise 3; escape 3; ettiquette 4; martial arts 4; melee 3; performance 3; stealth 3; enigmas 4; herbalism 4; history 4; medicine asian 3; occult 4; rituals 5

Yin Chi 6; Yang Chi 3

hun 4; P'O 5; Will 5

merits/flaws: Defiled; Akuma;

Once long ago she knew great all encompassing joy. A love so great and true it made all things seem beautiful. But she had been then emperor's daughter and he was no better then a peasant, less actually because he was a servant - a slave of her fathers house hold. For months they met quietly and in secret. They planed of running away together, perhaps travailing to the west were no one would know the truth. But one day they were betrayed by a guard who saw them in the gardens and lead her father to them latter as they were enjoying each others arms in her rooms. Her father in a rage had her lover decapitated. In her grief she threw herself into the sea from the highest battlement of the palace hoping that if she could not be with him in life then at lest they could be together in death. When she woke up alone, trapped in an afterlife with out her love she swore vengeance upon all involved and upon their ancestors. She will not rest until every one in her fathers line, the line of the soldier who betrayed her and in the line of the executioner are dead. Every day she travels the world seeking her vengeance. Every day she walks in sorrow. Every day she dies one more time. It has been a long time since she was known by her original name so long ago in fact that she can no longer remember. She is like a dried flower in a bitter wind. Her hart has been made black, her mind mad by her overwhelming grief. She would do anything, betray anyone to get wants - her vengeance. She turned towards the incoming westerners a long time ago betraying her master, turning her back on the Cathayan in order to destroy one of her own who was of the line of the executioner. She has become an out cast and lives among the invaders. When the Protest began at Tienamen square there were several people within the crowd she knew to have been descended from those she despised. Approached by the BSD for aid in influencing a massacre she cared not for the multitudes of innocents that were massed there, only the few who were of the bloodlines she hated. She was quick to give aid. The BSD agreed to help her hunt down those she hated so long as she remains allied to them. It is a bargain she is willing to keep.

Rping hints - There is no joy in your life, no happiness. You are consumed with grief and hatred. Never smile, never laugh.