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Taken in Olson Park, Fort Dodge Iowa


This is just a bunch of poems that have popped into my head and I actually bothered to write down. You may ask about individual peace's but I may not necessarily answer.

This is a book I started writing in a journal in high school just to see if I could write anything longer then a short story or a poem. No it is not the great american novel. It is about one individuals experience as they are brought over into the dark world of vampires. It is currently titled A Vampire Tragedy Or AvampT.. For individuals who have difficulty deducing from the title, It does not have a happy ending.

This is a group of pages that contain materials, characters and a campaign that are designed for use with the White Wolf game Werewolf:The Apocalypse. There are both NPC's and PC's included here. More may be added, if I find the time.

This is a strongly opinionated easy on violence and children. It tends to hold strongly to a base belief in man (H.sapians) as an animal that modifies its behavior to a greater extent then others in addition to being a predator. I do not have a degree in psychology, but it doesn't take a genius to notice that few of them agree on most subjects and even fewer are willing to sagest anything radically different from what currently is the most popular theory of the time. Some time in the future when I have a good key board that has no sticky keys I intend to compose a few other opinionated essays on other important topics. Everything expressed beyond this point is just my opinion. You don't have to like it or agree.

This is it folks, actual real personality type stuff. Things I like, why I like them, what I think about them. How I think. That sorta stuff. There is also a section for my friends on the digest (they know the digest I'm referring to and how to get to the neat stuff). Have fun Figuring me out. FYI I play and read Mahgg jong (fortune telling) I am the personification of 8 bamboo.

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