My Art work!

The following are links for photos of some paintings I have done. With the paintings is some limited info and about when they were painted. They are all oils unless specified otherwise.

I'm thinking about creating a tarot deck with my work even though I don't actually read tarot as a rule.

This is it, my paintings. On the following page is a list of my paintings (all oils), when they were painted and in most cases a few personal comments on them. Nothing too explanatory however. I believe that the greatest aspect of art is that what a peace means to me or the artist is not necessarily what it means to someone else. The really truly great art works are versatile enough to say something to anyone who looks at them ( even if they are eliciting a feeling of anger from that person). Why the simple inclusion of something symbolic can make a peace's interpritation for different people range all over the board. Take the color Red. Red symbolizes love, life, death, anger, hate, loss, and probably a few other things as well. It is the color of blood so we tend to associate it with many things. Blood is life, but its also death. It symbolizes love as its the color of the human heart and we say that someone who is angry is seeing red.

I am hopeing that I will beable to sell many of these peaces (with the exception of those done for the terot I'm working on. If interested please feal free to email me with an offer.