This is My Other self folks

***Note, I realize that a font size of 10 or 12 is considered normal, However, (having been told in 1994 that do to the severity of my astigmatism my vision isn't correctable to 20/20 anymore) I also realize that some people have trouble reading text that is even that size so I try to use a larger font on my pages. This pages font is 16 pnts.

Hello all. If you are on this page you are either a member of the Elvenkind digest or you found it threw a browser (or I told you to go here). This is my secret page. This is the place I talk about myself the changeling. First, you really should know what a changeling is. A changeling is the term applied to an individual who is an ethereal being in a human body. A changeling does not have an incarnate soul. Ethereals do not have a natural physical body but are beings of pure energy in their natural forms. When the spirit of a human infant leaves its body at or shortly after birth a void is created and an ethereal can at that point enter or be sucked into the body. They then live out the life that child would have had. They become a changeling.

I became a changeling january 26 1973 when this body was delivered 10 wk. early and not breathing. 30 minutes of AR/CPR were performed before I was drawn into what was at that point a very battered little body (over 90% covered in deep bruises - FYI in the 70's they didn't think pre-mess felt pain, or at lest not much pain. No pain killers. I can remember being in the pre-me ward.) A changeling is fairly uncommon, and not simply because most ethereals retreated back to the ethereal plane (that's sorta like the astral plain only its very much different) when the veil was established. But more because most ethereals don't really feel comfortable as physical beings. A physical body is foreign to us and very limiting in the ways and things we are used to. Few of us choose to become changelings. I my self ended up in this body when my curiosity got the better of me. There was a lot of activity and a lot of emotions surrounding this bodies birth. I went to check it out and ended up here. Actually, it seemed to me that the people around this one really, really wanted this child to live. Because of that, and because the spirit was long gone (no way to coax it back into the body, and the door way that enables the changeling effect to happen was about closed) I decided to go ahead and enter this body at that time. I tend to be a tad impulsive at some inopportune moments. Luckily I don't believe in mistakes, there are only deters along the road.

The veil prevents travail between the ethereal plane and the physical one. Those of us who are still on this side are exiles. We are exiled hear for a variety of reasons. Some were forced to stay behind as punishment, some chose to stay behind to help seal the wall and some simply did not make it back in time. Why the veil? That's a simple question to answer. Long ago in the days when sorcerers could work really spectacular feats they did so by drawing energy from the ethereal plane. By doing so they were causing great damage and killing us. Unfortunately it was the youngest and the weakest, those lest able to defend themselves who were most apt to be destroyed in this way.

While many like to think ethereals just are and have always been we are real life forms in most senses and we do reproduce in our own way. It takes millennia for two ethereals to build up enough extra energy to mingle into a new life (this is the real reason we prize children so very much). When this happens its absolute magic as the new ethereal takes on a life a feel of its own. The whites and blues of wind and rain can mingle with the orange and reds of fire to make the yellows of sunshine on daffodil cups and dandelion heads. The vibrant sounds of a thunderstorm can blend with the crackle of a fire to make the sounds of bells. We don't take it very well when the bells fall quiet and the sunshine fades into nothingness.

Most people Think that there are two types of ethereals. The Seelie and the Unseelie. But there are also a group know as between, or Tweens. These are ethereals who were born of a union between a seelie and and unseelie. These unions took place long ago, and sometimes still happen, as a way to seal the pact/treaty between the two sides. Ethereals realized long ago that a balance must be maintained between the light and the dark. They are the candle in the night, the shadow in the day. They are the mediators, the unifiers. They are the most powerful of the ethereals, but are the most bound by the laws that govern the balance of good and evil. They most personify it. Can not act out side of the bounds of the balance. I am a Tween.

I have been known by several different names. Well, My ethereal self has been called several things. My elven name and favorite name is Ashgael Sonaria ( dark star light bringer/of the light) , Nirel, & Sontren . If anyone thinks they recognize me from them they should feel free to say so.

We live the lives of suns in our natural forms, we don't like seeing out offspring die as quickly as lightning can. So we built a wall to stop the damage. We built a wall and some of us are still on this side, watching and waiting for a time when that wall can come down. But this is not it.

This is not the first time I have been a changeling. I have had several (this is about my seventh) "past lives", if you could call them that. (Does it really count as a past life if you are not an incarnate soul?) I have a fairly good recollection of each of them. I've never been any one famous. I've always found myself in female bodies. I was once an Amazon (well, a member of one of the tribes the Greeks called Amazons), A celtic woman warrior, A priestess & avatar of Bast (this is were my very very feline inclinations come from), A Medicine woman of the Irraquoi, I was a mid wife in the Ukraine, and a Voodoo priestess.