Caern Of The Lost Tribes

Moon Spirals; Bunyip

Caern Topography: Located in a remote part of the out back of Australia. The center of the caern is a large and clear lake surrounded by heavy brush. There is nothing one would like to call a road leading to the caern itself. Myra and Lilian, identical twin sisters, reclaimed it from a pack of black spiral dancers directly after walking the spiral their. The caern originally was opened by the Bunyip who some say still prowl the outback.

History: Born in the caern Myra and Lilian single handily destroyed the Black Spiral Dancers who had laid claim to the area and performed the Rite of cleansing. On that day the lake went from a deadly muck filled bog into a crystal clear pool. Smith and Newsong, prisoners of the pack at the time were their to witness the spectacle though neither sister realized they were present until after the fact. Both swore Direct allegiance to the two once freed.

Caern Structure: Myra and Lilian, Identical twin sisters, run the caern as one. All members there are fiercely loyal to the two who think and act as one. No one would ever consider challenging them.

Caern Statistics.

Level 5

Gauntlet 2

Type Healing/Visions

Master of Rites: Myra - Lilian

Gate Keeper: Nevel James Smith

Keeper of the land: John Newsong

Master of challenge:Lilian - Myra