The Caern of The Destruction

Black Spiral Dancers - China

The Caern of The Destruction

Location - Beneath the streets of Tienamen Square China

Level - 4

Gauntlet - 2

Type - Angst

Tribal Structure - Black Spiral Dances and their allies.

there are events that shape the world as we know it. Events that never leave the hearts and minds of those who view them. Things that happen so unexpectedly that the viewing of them leaves the mind and body numb wondering what happened. The Massacre of the unarmed students who were protesting for increased freedom within the Chinese government at Tienamin Square was one of them. For over a week the soldiers of The Chinese government stood in the background as the students erected a paper mashe statue of liberty. There were scenes of students giving soldiers flowers and wishing them well, Then in an instant that changed as a single command was given and the soldiers moved into the crowd. The soldiers were told to shoot to kill and did, Many of the people gathered in the square were run over with tanks and when the crowd's had dissipated the greater pain began as those students who were known to have been their were hunted down and generally executed. The government to show its people how budget conscious it was sent the families of the dead a bill for their executions. The pain of the event still reverberates in the hearts minds and souls of all who saw or were involved in it in any way.

The question is still often asked What happened?

Unknown to many of those involved and almost none watching the protest was a cover for what would have been the opening of a powerful Children of Gaia caern. Unfortunately the act was found out and a pack of BSD in the local area that had strong ties within the movement turned the activities against all of those involved. As the fever of freedom grew and the Children of Gaia began the rite to open the caern The BSD convinced those in power that the only solution to the problem was to kill all involved. As the Tanks and guns rolled into the square it was at the behest of the BSD's and they took the energy from the Children of Gaia's rite to open their own caern in the area right beneath the streets.

Master of Rites - Death comes to Swiftly

Keeper of the land - Night Brings Terrors Dark

Master of the Challenge- Nightmares Challenge

Gate Keeper - Sings with Sorrows Pain