The Caern of Horrors

Black Spiral Dancers

The Caern of Horrors

Geography - The maw of the caern is entered threw one of the furnaces were they burned the bodies at Ashawhich.

Level - 4

Gauntlet - 2

Type - Visions / death

Tribal Structure - Black Spirals, many converted from the Get of Fenris during the Holocaust

It is well known that there were many Get directly involved in Holocaust. The Get saw it as a way of purging imperfection and reinstating the impurgnium across the land. The Black Spirals saw it as a way of spreading their taint and corruption among those who viewed themselves above that sort of thing. There are very few members of the Get who would admit that they lost any of their line to the worm during those days but the truth remains that few if any who were involved in the atrocities committed during those days escaped with out worm taint.